Aug '20
Saturday August 22, 2020

Aug '20: Finally getting some new tattoos uploaded... THANK YOU for keeping me so busy!! For more frequent updates check out my Instagram or Facebo...

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July '19
Monday July 29, 2019

Kingdom Studio has moved to a new, larger space!! We've moved from Siesta Key to North Sarasota, and we're really excited for you to see all the hard work we've been putting into the new space these past few months!! We'll be announcing...

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May '19
Thursday May 23, 2019

Kingdom Studio will be working the Inkmania Tattoo Expo in St. Pete this year, June 7-9 inkmaniaexpo.com. There will be lots to see and do at the show, so come check it out if you can and say hello! Also please vis...

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Jun '18
Thursday June 07, 2018

I will be working the Inkmania Tattoo Expo in St. Pete this weekend with Liz and Nick! We have lots of artwork and prints and there will be lots to do at the show, so if you're able to make it come by and say hello! Jun 8-10 »Read More

July '16
Friday July 15, 2016

Jul '16: Just uploaded another batch of newer tattoos and a new painting... I'm going to do my best to be updating more frequently; thanks for keeping me so busy!! Liz has been getting some great feedback on her new website: »Read More

June '16
Friday June 24, 2016

Jun '16: www.LizReyesTattoos.com is now up and running! Check out Liz's new site and let her know what you think. Lots of newer tattoos uploaded here as well; it was LONG overdue. This update was par...

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Mar '15
Monday February 23, 2015

Mar '15: Signed prints of "She Soothes the Savage Beast" now available for only $20.00!! Click here to order from the US;...

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Dec '14
Monday December 01, 2014

Dec '14: Finally updated some newer tattoos... Thank you for keeping me so busy!! We have a Christmas special on gift certificates going through Dec so email 

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Oct '14
Friday October 17, 2014

Oct '14: Looooong overdue update coming soon... Grateful to be so busy that it's been tough to find time to upload new photos. Liz is now booking November and I am currently booking Jan/ Feb '15. Email »Read More

May 2014
Saturday May 10, 2014

May '14: Thanks so much to all of you who have emailed/ called for consultations, appointments, and questions!! Because of the volume of emails and voicemails we've been getting it's taking us up to a week or so to respond; we appreciate...

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March 2014 !!NEW STUDIO!!
Friday February 28, 2014

Mar '14: We're moving! After 6 years of learning & growing at Oddity Tattoo, Liz and I are leaving to open our own private studio!! Email Dimas@DimasReyes....

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Dec 2013 update
Thursday December 19, 2013

Dec '13: 2013 is almost over and has been a great year! Thank you so much to a wonderful clientele; I couldn't ask for better people to be spending my days with. E-mail me at Dim...

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Sep '13 update
Saturday August 31, 2013

Sep '13 update: Things have been super busy, praise God! Sorry for the lack of updates; hopefully I'll get to it soon. Currently booking December; email me at dimas@dimasreyes.co...

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May 2013 update
Thursday May 23, 2013

5/13: Long overdue update!! Lots of new tattoos and a new painting. Currently booking in August; email me at dimas@dimasreyes.com for appointment info.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day
Monday March 18, 2013

Hope everybody had a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day! I'm currently booking in June, though I may have a spot or two available towards the end of May. For consultations/ appointments e-mail me at »Read More

Thursday February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Currently booking mid/ late April... email me at dimas@dimasreyes.com or call 941-256-0906 to schedule a consultation.


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Happy New Year!!
Wednesday January 16, 2013

Hope you are excited about the new year! I am... expecting good things! I posted a new painting and some in progress tattoos. Currently booking mid/late February; e-mail me for a consultation or an appointment: »Read More

Saturday August 18, 2012

Lots of new tattoos posted! I'm booking early/mid October right now for larger projects but I have some time available before that for smaller tattoos. E-mail me for availability or to set up a consultation at »Read More

Busy busy!
Wednesday June 20, 2012

I've been so busy the past few months at the shop and with the new baby that I haven't had time for an update, but I plan on posting some new tattoos soon. I'm booking mid-September right now for larger projects but I have some time avai...

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Season is approaching!
Tuesday March 13, 2012

Season is approaching and the shop is starting to get busy! I've been getting back into the routine after taking some time off to help Mommy with our new baby girl, and starting some big projects that I am excited to see completed. Right now I&#...

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Long Overdue Update!!
Thursday January 12, 2012

My lovely wife Liz gave birth to our baby girl this week!! I'll be out of the shop until Monday, January 23rd, but I'm still answering e-mails and I'll be getting in touch with all my clients who were gracious enough to deal with the bab...

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Tattoo Gallery Update
Monday August 22, 2011

I've posted some new tattoos from the past few weeks. I've been getting to do quite a few girly tattoos lately, which has been lots of fun. Thanks for looking!


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New Art and Tattoos
Monday August 15, 2011

I've posted some new tattoos and the artwork I did for the Coqui Preservation Show sponsored by Guayama Ink in July. I didn't end up making the show but I heard it was amazing and that everybo...

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Art Show/ Party for Coqui Preservation
Friday July 01, 2011

The convention in Miami was a lot of fun; met a lot of really cool people and got to connect with some good friends who I don't see often. We were excited to win the best booth award and also felt like the organizers really worked hard to ensure...

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Contact form not working correctly :(
Tuesday June 21, 2011

The contact form on the website has not been working properly, so if you've tried to e-mail me through the site and not gotten a response from me that is why. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you can write »Read More

Welcome to DimasReyes.com!!
Friday June 10, 2011

I'm excited to announce that the website is finally finished! Thanks so much to everyone at TattooNOW for doing such a great job and making the process so easy. My plan is to update often so please check i...

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www.DimasReyes.com almost up!!
Monday May 16, 2011

The website will be finished soon! I'm hoping to be live (and direct!) within a week or so. I'm really excited about creating some new artwork and merch to...

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