Art Show/ Party for Coqui Preservation

Friday July 01, 2011

The convention in Miami was a lot of fun; met a lot of really cool people and got to connect with some good friends who I don't see often. We were excited to win the best booth award and also felt like the organizers really worked hard to ensure everything was what it needed to be for the attending artists. Up next is "El Canto Del Coqui", a party to preserve the endangered Puerto Rican Coqui frogs. The art show/ party will be held at Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens. For more info contact Guayama Ink (321) 972 5917 or Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens (407) 323 4450 ext 143. Hope to see you there! Also, the contact form on my website is working correctly again; sorry for the hassle :)